POLICIES on Questions, Advertising, Product Placement, Sponsered Links, and "Guest Posts"


This web site was launched in June 1998 and revised and relocated to a new server on December 12, 2011.

Developing and maintaining it is an enjoyable spare-time activity for Caroline Bowen, who funds and produces it as a small contribution to the Speech-Language Pathology / Speech and Language Therapy profession. You can help in this endeavour by making a donation.


1. If you email or Tweet Caroline Bowen with a child speech or other question:

She will refer you to the page you are viewing now. If you are a speech-language pathology professional or student, she may also invite you to join E3BPforSSD: International Speech Sound Disorders Discussion for SLPs/SLTs.

2. If you ask Caroline Bowen to assess a client:

She will decline. Dr Bowen closed her clinical practice in 2011 to focus on other things.

3. If you ask Caroline Bowen to answer "a quick question":

If the question is not clinical (e.g., if it relates to CPD or a publication) Dr Bowen may respond.

4. If you ask for an e-mail interview, or help with a student project:

Caroline Bowen will decline if students invite her to participate in e-mail interviews, questionnaires, surveys, student projects relating to speech-language pathology as a career, or projects and class presentations about communication disorders. Furthermore, she will ignore any unethical proposals including requests for her to complete students' coursework, or prepare literature reviews for theses or manuscripts for a fee.

5. If you ask about advertising, sponsorship placement, and guest posts:

Caroline Bowen's answer will be "no". This site does not host advertising or promotions of any kind, including sponsored advertisements, brand promotions, sponsored articles with links, pay-per-click arrangements, sponsored links, or "affiliate" links. It is also free of banners and pop-ups (including behaviour-driven pop-ups, exit pop-ups, and pop-under and pop-over ads). Please do not email or telephone the site owner with sponsorship placement proposals, article placement offers, "guest post" propositions, offers to write content for www.speech-language-therapy.com, and the like. Do not waste your own time by sending content submission, or sponsorship placement requests. If you attempt any of these via social media Caroline Bowen will direct you to this page. Then, if you try a second time you will be blocked.