Psycholinguistic Framework



The psycholinguistic approach (Stackhouse and Wells, 1997; Stackhouse, Wells, Pascoe and Rees, 2002; Stackhouse, Pascoe and Gardner, 2006) provides an inclusive means of investigating, describing and profiling children’s speech and literacy difficulties through the application of a speech processing model and a developmental phase models of speech and literacy.

A child’s spoken and written language-skill strengths are identified and used as a foundation for selecting intervention targets that build on a child’s existing abilities.

For a child with speech processing and production difficulties these targets would be selected not only in relation to speech data but also in relation to linguistic, educational, medical and psychosocial factors, according to individual need, thereby optimising the prospect of across-the-board case management.

The basic structure of the speech processing system Source: Stackhouse & Wells (1997). Reproduced by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


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