Table 4 - Phonetic Development

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In Table 4 is an account of ages by which 75% of the children in a study pronounced individual consonants accurately. These norms were established for a population of Australian children by Kilminster and Laird (1978). 

In column 3,  the term 'voiced' refers to the vibration of the vocal cords while the sound is being made. The term 'voiceless' is applied to sounds that are made without vocal cord vibration. The terms fricative, glide, stop, nasal, liquid and affricate refer to the way the sounds are made, or the "manner of articulation".

Table 4
Phonetic Development

Age by which 75% of
children used the speech
sound listed accurately.
Speech sounds The manner in which the
speech sounds are produced.

3 years

h as in he

zh as in measure

y as in yes  

w as in we

ng as in sing

m as in me

n as in no

p as in up

k as in car

t  as in to

b as in be

g as in go

d as in do

Voiceless fricative

Voiced fricative

Voiced glide

Voiced glide

Voiced nasal

Voiced nasal

Voiced nasal

Voiceless stop

Voiceless stop

Voiceless stop

Voiced stop

Voiced stop

Voiced stop

3 years 6 months

f as in if

Voiceless fricative

4 years

l as in lay

sh as in she

ch as in chew

Voiced liquid

Voiceless fricative

Voiceless affricate

4 years 6 months

j as in jaw

s as in so

z as in is

Voiced affricate

Voiceless fricative

Voiced fricative

5 years

r as in red

Voiced liquid

6 years

v as in Vegemite

Voiced fricative

8 years

th as in this

Voiced fricative

8 years 6 months

th as in thing

Voiceless fricative




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