Speech-Language Pathologists / Speech and Language Therapists at Work - websites and blogs

This is a list of SLPs/SLTs who have workplace websites or SLP/SLT related blogs. If you have a website or blog and would like to be included here please contact me, first ensuring that your first and last names (not just the name of the practice) post-nominals (e.g., MS, PhD, MEd) and professional affiliation (e.g., ASHA, IASLT, NZSTA, RCSLT, SASHLA, SAC, SPA) are included in an easy-to-locate spot on your web site. These details are requested in the interest of transparency, for the information of potential clients for your practice, and as a form of "quality assurance". Sometimes the details are removed after a name has been included here—which is disappointing. If you move your page or take it down, please let me know. Sites that appear to have been removed have been/will be "unlinked". Please contact me if I have unlinked your site in error, or if you have changed your location on the web, or if you now prefer to be removed from this list.

Farah Azlina Alkaf
Sarah Barton

Patty Becker
Debra Beckman
Kimberly A. Bell
Ricki Block
Tom Brennan
Tahirih Bushey
Jackie Carter
Carol Casserly
Carrie Clark
Louise Coigley
Ryan J. Conley
Dawn Cotter-Jenkins
Bill Connors
Kathleen A. Davis
Laura Dawson
Hilary Dietrich
Judith Felson Duchan
Janet Farrugia
Jennifer Fusco
Erica Gale
Theresa A. Gabler
Karen George
Bridget Giraldo
Paul S. Gruber
Ajit Harisinghani
Don Harris
K. Bruce Harpster
Kathryn Head
Libby Hill
Shelley Hughes
Emily Joseph
Ruth Jurey
Carol Kamara
Nancy Kaufman

Stefan Koch
Judith Kuster
Matthew Lawrence
Karen Levin

Samantha Lewis

Jamey L. Lord
Elizabeth Love
Isa Marrs
David Newman
Karen Nitsche
Jeanne O'Reilly
Sean Pert
Lisa Phillips
Barry Prizant
Michele Rahmani
Mirla Raz
Harla Rudolph
Heather Sage
Sonia Salama
Andreu Sauca
Stephanie Sigal
Lucia Smith
Carol Stow
Lonn Swanson
Jennifer Taps
Louise Tyquin
Chris Wade
Geraldine Wotton
Tony Wray

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