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This is the 'Lighthouse Page' It contains links to information and resources mentioned in 'Sound Reasoning'.

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2016-2018 CPD Events with Caroline Bowen Ph D 2
2016-2018 CPD Information for Potential Hosts 2
CPD Resources 2
Resources Index 2
Theory to Intervention Hierarchy 3
Speech Umbrella pdf 4
Core Speech Assessment Battery 7
Quick Screener Slide Show, Data Collection, Phonological Analysis --
Vowel symbols: Mitchell & Harrington, Cox & Evans comparison --
Toddler Phonology Test --
Single Word Test of Consonant Clusters (Hand & McLeod, 1991) --
Pigs in Hiding (video) | Pigs in Hiding (book) --
Carl Goes to Daycare BookDepository | Carl Goes to Daycare Amazon --
Nerdy Book Club's Top 10 Wordless Picture Books --
Treatment Principles Phonological Disorder and CAS 9
Stimulability Assessment Form 10
Debbie's 10 Clinically Useful Words BW 1p | BW 3pp | Colour 2pp --
Stimulability Therapy 11
Auditory Input Therapy | Naturalistic Intervention | Thematic Play 11
Articulation Therapy | Phonetic Intervention 11
Slide Show about Articulation Therapy | Phonetic Intervention 11
Smart Chute --
Blank playing cards 1 | Blank playing cards 2 --
Metalinguistic Cues 12
Speech Sounds on Cue Australia --
Speech Sounds for Kids App --
MANY THERAPY IDEAS (phonologicatherapy discussion) Join to access 12
Perceptual Therapy 12
Locke Speech Perception - Production Task Record Form 13
Slide Show re Constructing & Administering the Locke Task 14
Speech Assessment & Interactive Learning System (SAILS) 14
Information for Families: Elimination of Phonological Processes --
Four Minimal Pair Interventions 15-18
Core Vocabulary Therapy 19
Timothy's Core Vocabulary words 19
Parents & Children Together (PACT) PUBLICATIONS 20
Parents & Children Together (PACT) THEORY & EVIDENCE 20
Parents & Children Together (PACT) IMPLEMENTATION 20
Parents & Children Together (PACT) THERAPY FOR JOSIE 20
Worksheets: Revisions & Repairs and the Fixed-up-One Routine 20
Patterns / Cycles Therapy --
Phoneme Awareness Therapy --
Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, and Integral Stimulation 20
Traditional and Newer Target Selection Criteria 16-27
Worksheets: Complexity; Word Properties, Markedness, SSP, etc. 19
Stimulability Intervention 25
Place-Voice-Manner Chart --
Maximally Opposed | Near-maximally Opposed Words & Pictures 26-27
Sonority Sequencing Principle (SSP) 28
Pictures/words for clusters with sonority difference scores of 2, 3, 4 29
Jennifer Taps Clusters App | Cluster Cards 29
PW12 Clusters: Alliterative Stories & Activities for Phonological Tx 29
High Frequency Words as Treatment Targets 31
High frequency /s/ words 31
Low Neighbourhood Density Words as Targets 32
Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives with Low Neighbourhood Density (<11) 32
Low density /dʒ/ words and pictures 32
Phonotactic Therapy 33-38
Pictures and words: Final fricatives with short vowels (Info) --
Pictures and words: Final velars with short vowels (Info) --
Pictures and words: Final voiceless stops with short vowels (Info) --
Favoured final consonants (Info) --
'Palindrome Words' --
Alveolars with high front vowels (Info) --
Spotty Snap (Info) --
Trochaic sequences #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 (Info) --
Long words --
Eliciting /k/ Darth Vader (join the phonologicaltherapy group to see) --
Butterfly Position / Butterfly Procedure for lateral/palatal fricatives --
Controversial Practices - Article 39-40
Controversial Practices - Articles, References, Abstracts --
Controversial Practices - Slide Show --
References 41-45
PW12 45-50

Worksheets on page 38 of the 2016 'Sound Reasoning' handout

Chaining to 'force' /s/ into the word initial position: messy-sea, fussy-sea, etc.
Chaining to 'force' /f/ into the word inital position: coffee-Fi, toffee-Fi, etc.
Chaining to 'force' /k/ into the word initial position: monkey-key, etc.,and walking-king, etc.
Working from 'key' to produce words with initial /k/: key-Keith, key-keep, etc.
/h/ SIWI #1 | /h/ SIWI #2
Aspiration trick for stop insertion: for /f/, and for /s/, and for /ʃ/
Aspiration trick for pre-vocalic voicing of /p/ and /t/, and /k/
Aspiration trick for the voiceless affricate (e.g., chin produced as tin)
Eliciting /ʃ/ s-you-shoe, etc.
Chaining to 'force' /n/ into the word initial; position: honey-knee; money-knee, etc.
Working from 'la' to produce 'la-words': la-la-llama-llama, la-la-laugh-laugh
Eliciting /tʃ/: got-you (gotchew); got-ya (gotcha) #1
Eliciting /tʃ/: #2 wet-sheep-cheep, and #3, and #4
Eliciting /tʃ/: t-you-chew, etc.
Eliciting /r/: The Treasure Trick (Information and pictures)
Eliciting /r/: Using linking-r: her-ice, her-eyes, her-rose, etc.
Eliciting /j/: Eeyore
Successive Approximations (scroll to the foot of the page)
Modelling and Recasting slideshows (3)
Revisions and Repairs (the Fixed-up-one Routine)
Vowels in words and Vowel minimal pairs
Minimal Pair word lists #1
Minimal Pair word lists #2 and all English consonants word initially where applicable



















































































Red Flags for Speech Impairment

Communicative Temptations


IPA Palette

Multilingual Children's Speech

PPSA (Phonetic and Phonological Systems Analysis)